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Wunder Workshop Business Founder: A Day In The Life

Zoe Lind van’t Hof is the founder of Wunder Workshop, a London based food brand making organic turmeric based products. Inspired by Ayurveda – the Science of Life, whose principles are based upon a preventive approach to health – WW uses functional ingredients to maximize life‘s potential, enabling you to live better, work harder and to be stronger (for longer!).

Zoe says:

I love being up the moment it is light outside, I always feel like I’m missing out when I’m sleeping and the day has already started. This inevitably means getting up early is a little harder in the winter! I typically get up and write in my gratitude journal, to try to find some head-space before I rush into a busy day. My commute is usually only from my bedroom to the living room with a stop off at the kitchen 😉 and I will be at my laptop around 7.30-8am. Although I’m lucky to work for myself from home, it’s sometimes hard to get going. So 3 times a week I work from Soho House and I try to get there early to get into the flow of the day.

I grew up surrounded by nutrition books, books about botanicals and plant-based medicine because my mother was really interested in health and wellbeing. However, I did my masters degree in International Relations and Political Science in the Netherlands, then interned with an interior photographer in New York and moved to London to work in interior design. 2 years in, I realised I was unhappy in my job and decided to do my own thing based on my background and what I’d learned on trips to Ayurvedic retreats in Sri Lanka. I don’t make any medical claims as I am not a qualified doctor/nutritionist, but I share the knowledge and experience I have. The best advice I’ve received is that “stress is caused by being ‘here’ but wanting to be ‘there’” – Eckhart Tolle. It is a quote that I like to remind myself of regularly to help me practice living in the moment instead of worrying about tomorrow. Everyone in my family is or was self-employed and they taught me to always learn as much you can yourself. Having an understanding of how something is done will ensure that you’re not tricked or ripped off. My role model is my late mother. She was such a sensitive yet strong woman who brought me up on her own from when I was 1 year old. She worked 7 days a week and still managed to give me unlimited love, beautiful home cooked meals and support in everything. I still feel guided by her in every single decision I make for myself and my business.

My favourite part of this job is the diversity. Every day I wake up excited about what the day ahead will be like. Running your own business is a rollercoaster, so I really focus on enjoying the high moments, soaking up that energy for the moments that are not so good. The part that I struggle with is giving away control and depending on others. It can be so frustrating if the end product isn’t the quality you want or ready on time.

Turmeric Tea

I try to have a really nurturing meal at lunch time because I often find that in the evenings I need to go to events or work late in our production unit. Usually I include some steamed vegetables with grains and avocado on toast. My favourite snacks are nuts of all kinds, especially almonds. Sometimes I heat them up in a frying pan with some turmeric, cumin, fennel, black pepper and chilli.

I don’t think I ever “finish” work. My only rule is to turn my phone off before I go to bed. If I don’t I’ll lie in bed for hours, doing emails or checking social media, which obviously isn’t healthy at all. I sometimes do a no-technology day and I love the feeling of being unreachable. I’m a true introvert in that I recharge by being alone, and that means no phone or laptop. I usually work through the weekend, but because I set my own schedule I can always have lunch or a coffee with a friend. Outside of work I love seeing my friends for dinner, drinks and a good dance. Unfortunately my workout routine has gone totally out of the window, but I don’t feel too guilty as I cycle a lot and carry so many boxes that my arm and abdominal muscles aren’t in too bad shape!

As a child I wanted to be so many things and I still do! I wanted to be a dancer, have a chemistry lab (I loved creating potions), pathologist (I know, creepy child), and later in my teens I wanted to be an investigative journalist and war & crisis photographer. The latter is still something I know I will do one day.

My top 3 sources of online inspiration are:

Mystic Mama – for beautiful spiritual and astrological guidance

Alexandra Dudley – for beautiful images, little stories and delicious food

Think Dirty App – great little app to find out what nasties are hiding in your skincare